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They failed American history in high school

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This will be the second repeating lesson.  It will always be humorous and nothing more will be said.  Let’s keep life in perspective.  We’re all lucky to be playing golf.  Laugh a little, or a lot, while doing it.  Make some friends.  Enjoy the beauty of the course and the day.

Answer Key to Your Golf-Presidential History Quiz

This is the first answer from the American History Exam, which you can take here.

Name this President for the Win
Our First President

Question 1:  Jack Nicklaus is most like which American President?

Answer:  The most common answers were Teddy Roosevelt (first) and George Washington (second).  Most of you failed.  The correct answer was Thomas Jefferson.  Roosevelt was an endearing President, but more of a Lee Trevino.  Very good but not truly amongst the cream of the Presidential crop.  Nicklaus was.  Lincoln would have been a reasonable choice, but his career ended early and Nicklaus’ endured.  I suppose a strong argument could be made for Washington – he may well have been the greatest President.  But Washington is more of an Old Tom Morris or Bobby Jones.  Iconic from golf’s early days.  That leaves us with Thomas Jefferson but not just by default.  Jefferson, like Nicklaus, had a career that spanned decades.  He wrote the Declaration of Independence; served as Ambassador to France; as Secretary of State; as Vice President; and as President.  He made the Louisiana purchase.  It is hard to argue that there was a smarter President.  And somehow he managed to stay out of the Revolutionary War.   Nicklaus is that man.

M. Huckster
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