Golf Is Not Life: Repeat US Open Winners and Repeat US Presidents

Dictators repeat for life but it doesn’t mean their swing is any better. (Castro missed 436 consecutive cuts on the PGA Tour before starting a Revolution.)

This is a repeating feature.  It will always be humorous and nothing more will be said.  Let’s keep life in perspective.  We’re all lucky to be playing golf.  Laugh a little, or a lot, while doing it.  Make some friends.  Enjoy the beauty of the course and the day.

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It is a golf club, not a light saber, Jedi Master.

Overheard at a US Open:  “I’ve repeated.  I repeated second grade and seventh grade.”

We asked as a bonus question on the Golf-Presidents Quiz:  Have more Presidents been re-elected or more US Open winners repeated?

Sixteen Presidents have been elected to consecutive terms:

Washington (unopposed); Jefferson; Madison; Monroe (unopposed); Jackson; Lincoln; Grant; McKinley; Roosevelt; Wilson; Roosevelt; Eisenhower; Nixon; Reagan; Clinton; and Obama.  We won’t count Cleveland because he is counted twice as a President.  That would be double-double dipping.

Six golfers have repeated as US Open Champions:

Willie Anderson; John McDermott (who?); Bobby Jones; Ralph Guidahl (who?); Ben Hogan; and Curtis Strange.

I predict a mulligan.

It is clearly harder to golf than to be President.  I think the photo of the current President golfing definitively demonstrates that. A better question might be, is it easier to be impeached in a second term, or win consecutive US Opens?

M. Huckster

M. Huckster

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