Golf’s One Constant: The Need for Consistency

Golf Instructor Jim Flick:  Confidence in Golf

Golf Instructor Jim Flick: Confidence in Golf

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[Ed. Note:  Most of our lessons are about the physical side of golf. But some of the math in golf is not about how the ball bounces down the fairway; it is about how we end up adding up the lowest score after our round. (A gambler would understand this, but we won’t go there. This is a family site.) Some might think of this as optimal strategy.  As we stated at the outset, however, the most important lesson to remind oneself of is the need for consistency.  To play your best golf, everyone needs it.  This is another in that series, which will repeat every so often as a reminder, discussing different aspects of the issue.]

I could not put these ideas better myself.  They are ideas any pro should have in their own mind, and, if a teaching pro, should put in the mind of those players whom he teaches.

All credit due to Jim Flick in this Golf Digest article.  I therefore will not try to elaborate and will let you read for yourself.  Without confidence, consistency is impossible as a practical matter.

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