In memoriam: Ken Venturi

Ken Venturi

Ken Venturi

In honor of Mr. Venturi, I have found this montage of slow motion swings, which includes him, Palmer, Player, and Byron Nelson — in the days where slow motion meant the swing looked like it was slow.

Several years ago, the wife of an economist friend – she a piano teacher – told me that if one watches all sports there is a rhythm to the motions of the best athletes.  Of course, I found it to be an interesting, and eye-opening, observation, clearly a very astute woman.  I believe that the montage does tribute to the elegance, grace and timing of Mr. Venturi’s great swing.  It is also one of the better visual lessons I have seen in a long time — good for all of us to watch:

Here is a little Venturi, on Venturi’s life.  Very interesting.

God rest his soul.

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