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Consistency: Creating the Foundation that Makes Power Possible

[Ed. Note:  We have not posted in a while.  We apologize.  There are a series of posts we intend to post.  Other commitments have made it difficult to post for a time.] About this site: Golf as God Gave It … Continue reading

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Golf’s One Constant: The Need for Consistency

About this site: Golf as God Gave It To Us [Ed. Note:  Most of our lessons are about the physical side of golf. But some of the math in golf is not about how the ball bounces down the fairway; … Continue reading

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Consistency: Shot Selection and Other Mistakes We Make

People ask me who’s better, Tiger or Jack. It’s close, but if they played one 18-hole round, both men in their primes, I’d have to take Jack. He was longer than Tiger, a better putter, and he’d game-plan Tiger to death. … Continue reading

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Getting the Ball to the Hole: Know Your Putter (Lesson 3, Part 3)

This is a continuation of our lesson about getting the ball to the hole.  In the previous lesson, we learned about the importance of correctly lining up a putt; how small errors in alignment can result in three-putts; what green … Continue reading

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Golf Is Not Life: Olive Oil In My Joints

Every so often, we have to remind ourselves that golf is not life.  It is addictive, it is frustrating, it can be all-consuming.  We never quite figure it out.  But it is not life.  Remind ourselves that there is more … Continue reading

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Consistency, 18 Times Over

About this site: Golf Is Simple Golf has one constant – the need for consistency. [Lesson One will be repeated, consistently, throughout the blog, coming back to it every few weeks, as a reminder of what is most important in … Continue reading

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Ryder Cup Addendum

About this site: Golf Is Simple This post is an addendum, brought about by announcing at the Ryder Cup, to our discussion about “Getting the Ball to the Hole” We have started discussing how to get the ball to the … Continue reading

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