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Three Dimensional Problems in Golf: What Is a Golf Swing? (Lesson 8, Part 1)

About this site: Golf as God Gave It To Us Introduction One of the most difficult things in golf is its three-dimensional nature. This is not just true of golf.  I know many people who were very good at, say, … Continue reading

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Consistency: Creating the Foundation that Makes Power Possible

[Ed. Note:  We have not posted in a while.  We apologize.  There are a series of posts we intend to post.  Other commitments have made it difficult to post for a time.] About this site: Golf as God Gave It … Continue reading

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A Game of Opposites: Anchored (Lesson 4, Part 2)

About this site: Golf as God Gave It To Us Where were we?  Yes.  That’s right.  Golf is a game of opposites.  Try to move the ball right, it goes left; try to move the ball left, it goes right; … Continue reading

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Lining Up a Putt: the Human Eye and a Surveyor’s Best Tools (Lesson 2, Part 4)

About this site: Golf Is Simple I think that most would agree that the greatest match in the history of golf occurred in 1977.  The mature Jack Nicklaus was near the top of his game.  The young Tom Watson was … Continue reading

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