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Maximizing Power and Center of Mass

About this site: Golf as God Gave It To Us Players often gain an intuitive understanding that they should be in balance throughout their swing.  There are reasons why this is the case.  But that is not our subject here. … Continue reading

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Consistency: Creating the Foundation that Makes Power Possible

[Ed. Note:  We have not posted in a while.  We apologize.  There are a series of posts we intend to post.  Other commitments have made it difficult to post for a time.] About this site: Golf as God Gave It … Continue reading

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Power: Its Two Critical Elements (Lesson 6, Part 3)

About this site: Golf as Gave It To Us In our prior lesson, we talked about the positions of the club relative to the body that allow one to build up the most energy or speed or what-you-would-like-to-call-it, in the … Continue reading

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